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                     HOW CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE

 Internship: If you think you can help in any way after perusing our website please do let us know.



Donate Financially:  We are trying to create a scholarship program for people who cannot always afford our prices, so please help when you can.

Printing:  One of our major expenses, so if you can help here please do let us know.

Location Scouting:  Always looking for spaces that would accommodate us.  We are trying to find a building in Manhattan to call our home.

Legal:  Lawyers always needed for advice or otherwise.

Media:  Help promote us in a positive way on all levels.  Greatly appreciated

Webmaster:  Need help can be overwhelming.

Office Work:  Class preparations

Teaching:  If you think you can teach a class that is not covered by anyone as yet please do let us know.  Or if you are well versed on a particular topic.

Fund Raising: Any ideas of how we can further raise money towards acquiring a building to house us.


Make a Donation

If you are currently enjoying our courses and consider them to be of value you can make an important contribution to the continued success of WFT Academy of Pagan Studies by making a donation. We suggest a payment of any kind would be greatly appreciated, but the amount is entirely up to you..

NOTE: All donations are made securely through the PayPal system. Payments are made to the PayPal account [email protected] where the school's donations are processed.

Thank you.     

Academy Scholarships please contribute whatever you can.

 In support of the Academy whatever you can give is appreciated.


Thanks and Blessed Be to you all.

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