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We accept students all year round for classes.  For application use the form on this website, copy and paste, fill out and print and bring in at your first class.


Classes are being held at:

107 Suffolk Street Room 203 - Bet. Rivington & Delancey Streets. Trains are J,M,Z,F at Delancey/Essex station, Buses M14A & M9 to Rivington St. (an old school bullding): 

The tuition fees for enrolling in the WFT Academy of Pagan Studies (WFTAPS) are as follows: a $25.00 non-refundable application fee for each degree year. Classes are held 2 Sundays per month (please see schedule on the page 'Our Curricullum' page or on 'Class Schedules & Events' page for class dates).

$25.00 one time registration fee per year, plus $2.00 surcharge.

$25.00 1st Degree class plus $2.00 surcharge


$50.00 per month for 1st Degree plus $5.00 surcharge. 

2nd Degree and $30.00 per class plus $3.00 surcharge.

2nd Degree and $60.00 per month plus $6.00 surcharge.

3rd Degree tuition fees per class $33.00 plus $3.00 surcharge.  

3rd Degree tuition fees per class $33.00 plus $3.00 surcharge.

Your tuitions help to support payment for space.

We accept all methods of payment:

All cards are accepted via paypal.  You may pay Cash or money order in person at class.  NO CHECKS PLEASE.  You can begin classes at anytime. We accept registrations all year round.  With the understanding, that you must complete a year and a day of studies with The WFTAPS as this is a commitment to us as well as yourself. 

The year and a day will begin at the first class you attend, as long as you have registered.  Whatever you have missed will be made up the following year when it comes around.

We do require that you take at least one year and one day  to complete each Degree.

At the end of each Degree, there will be a Dedication Ceremony performed for all graduating students, where you will receive a beautiful custom designed Certificate of Degree Attainment  / Completion from The WFTAPS  stating that you have completed the 1st, 2nd or 3d Degree.  At this ceremony, you may invite your friends and family, as well along with your fellow class mates to support and witness your Dedication.

Certificates of Attainments 8.5 x 11 and a business card sized certificate of attainment with your picture for you to proudly take around with you. We will provide our services as High Priestess and all the ritual requirements for your dedication.

-  A WFTAPS designed and hand painted Book of Shadows.

- A black Ritual Robe

We also offer further Continuing Ed classes for 3rd Degree and above students.

**With this tuition you will receive:

  • A beautiful custom Certificate of Degree Attainment, presented to you upon completion of each Degree, from The Academy of Pagan Studies which is the teaching extension of the Wiccan Family Temple. This gorgeous certificate is printed out on heavy parchment and is suitable for framing.
  • Participation in Rituals, Degree Dedications and an array of fun get-togethers and events.
  • Some homework and Final Exam grading.
  • Access to our interactive and in-depth extension classes. These are being offered at additional costs. These classes include subjects such as Tarot, Potion Craft, Candle Making and Magick, Kitchen Witchcraft, Healthy Witches, Scrying, Pendulum Use, Runes, Palmistry, Chakras, Ogham, Astrology, Numerology and many more.

Once you have had your first year dedication:

You must wear your ritual robe to all Esbat Celebrations.

© 2008 of Wiccan Family Temple of Pagan StudiesPL




                          APPLICATION FORM:

Wiccan Family Temple

Academy of Pagan Studies

P.O. Box 893, New York, NY 10009 µ www.wftacademyofpaganstudies.webs.com

Application for Registration









Age: _______________________  Date of Birth_________________________

If under 18 please have parent sign forms at bottom.




Phone # :H:_____________________________ cell:_______________________




Brief Health History:____________________________________________________________




Brief Educational History:

Brief studies before: Health, herbal, spirituality, medicine of study: _______






Beliefs & Intentions

Please explain in relevant detail why you wish to study with the Wiccan Family Temple:






1.  As a student what do you feel you can contribute to this course?:  _______________




2.  Upon completion how do you plan to use your training?  ______________________




3.   How do you view your relationship to nature?  _______________________________




4.   How do you view your relationship to other people around you?  ________________




5.   Have you studied alternative views on religion, Witchcraft or the occult? _________


     If so, what, where and for how long?  _______________________________________




6.   Do you prefer to study The Mysteries or Craft in solitary or group venue?




7.   What draws you to pursue this study? ______________________________________




8.   Do you agree or disagree with the idea that multiple “truths” may be valid     

   and exist in parallel without paradox?  _____________________________________


9.   Have you ever experienced strong feelings that you knew what would happen next?     




10. Do you enjoy meteorological phenomena such as rain, thunder and lightning storms? 



11.  Do you feel you have a connection to some animals?  _______________


12.  Do you believe that, as a child, your imagination was more active than average?



13.   Do you think of yourself as having a good imagination now? ______


10.  What is your favorite time of year and why?  ______________________________




11. Do you like spending time outside with nature when you can? _________________


12. Do you suspect that you are able to see or sense things that others don’t? ________


13. Do you sometimes have dreams that feel more real than or as real as life? ________


14. If so, are you able to recall these the next morning and reflect on them? _________


15. What Magickal skills most interest you? For example: (a) scrying with mirrors or crystals ___

         (b) spellwork, ___  (c) divination with runes, palms, tarot ___ (d) casting or           

         healing with herbs and oils ___ (e) ceremonial magick ___

(g) others, etc. There are many choices not listed. Please feel free to add more.










16.        Are willing to do community service as part of your year and a day studies? 




17.        Do you think this is your path / faith / religion of choice?_____________________


18.        What do you think Wicca is?___________________________________________




 19.   What do you think being a Witch is?  ____________________________________




19.        What do you think WitchCraft is? ______________________________________



20.        What knowledge you would like to gain from this course?






21.        Are you willing to commit to your studies in the Craft? ____________________


22.        Do you think that being a Witch is who you are?  __________________________


This is a religion and should be treated as such.  Being mindful that with knowledge comes honesty and responsibility for your actions at all times.



Signature of Registrant



Signature of Parent (for under 18 year olds)





© 2008 of Wiccan Family Temple of Pagan Studies

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